Natural Beef

Cows Roaming Farm LLC is a family owned and operated farm located in South Deerfield, MA, in the heart of the Pioneer Valley.

Our cows roam through a variety of landscapes from flat pastures to hilly woodlands. They are born and raised here on the farm, spending their lives in a humane, natural habitat.  No added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are given to the cattle. 
The beef is processed by Adams Farm, a USDA-certified facility which, according to the Fall 2011 Edible Boston, is a thoughtfully designed, humane system built with guidance from Dr. Temple Grandin. Meat is vacuum-packed for longer freezer storage.

Highland cattle are a heritage breed known for their lean meat with a gourmet taste. And for their long hair;  we have been asked if they are buffalo or yaks - they're not, they're just fuzzy cows. Read on to find out more about our cattle and our farm, go straight to our beef price list, or contact us to order beef.

Roaming Farm Beef 

Thursday 11-7
Saturday 9-noon
And any time by appointment (call or email)

To order:
413-268-4317 (c)

80 S. Mill River Rd.
South Deerfield, MA

Our beef:
  • Highland Cattle
  • Pasture Raised
  • Pasture Fed
  • No Added Hormones
  • No Unnecessary Antibiotics*
  • Humanely Treated
  • on a Family Farm
*No antibiotics are used to promote growth. We would use antibiotics if a cow were ill.